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  • ICA Podcast: ‘One World, One Network?’
    Late last week, Akane made the journey over to Paris to attend the International Communication Association’s (ICA) 72nd Conference. The ICA was formed 50 years ago and supports the global study of communication, facilitating connections between scholars and ideas and hosting many important events. Prior to the conference, Akane was invited onto the ICA podcast ‘One World,…
  • Brazen Hussies
    Something I’m thinking about this month is the film Brazen Hussies, a documentary ofsecond wave feminism taking place in the 1970s in Australia, that’s now showing at anumber of cinemas. I was fortunate to meet the director, Catherine Dwyer, as well as thetwo producers, Andrea Foxworthy and Philippa Campey, at a panel discussion I moderatedfor the Melbourne…